The Death of Traditional America

Bill O’Reilly said that the reason Mitt Romney lost was because there is no longer a traditional America. Americans wants stuff, and Obama is going to give it to them.

On Tuesday night, I posted an article explaining why the Republicans lost the election. Many reputable journalists posted articles throughout the day saying the same things that I was saying. But on Facebook and the ultra-conservative loudspeaker that is Fox News, there has been a woeful amount of rationalizing about why the election was lost by their side.

Republican Meltdown

Ron Galella, Justin Sullivan/Getty Images, AP Photo/Chris O’Meara

What reasons are they giving?

  1. Mitt Romney wasn’t conservative enough.
  2. Americans are moochers.
  3. Traditional America is dead.
  4. The white establishment is a minority.
  5. Minorities want handouts.
  6. The mainstream media attacked Romney too much.

Am I prescient or what? The list goes on, but it centers around the same conclusion: “It’s everybody else’s fault.”

I can only sigh at the nonsense. The Republicans would have probably won if they’d stuck to fiscal issues and if they hadn’t forced Romney to take ridiculously conservative positions on issues important to minorities. First, Mitt Romney came off as too conservative, which is the RNC’s and the ultra-conservative Republican base’s fault. Americans aren’t moochers. The independent voters who went to Obama this election cycle were largely undecided until the end, when Romney was gaffing, openly lying about Chrysler and pretty much everything else, and Paul Ryan and his fellow zealots were widely asserting the rights of rapists over the rights of their victims.

Traditional America is what, exactly? The America who kept slaves? Who denied women the vote? Who burned witches at the stake or crushed them under piles of rocks? Who ruined people’s lives on false accusations of Communist leanings? Who strung up blacks and gays like they were piñatas? What is traditional America? Because I can assure you, if you’re a while male, it was only good for you.

The demographics of this country are changing–again. The way they did when white men tore through this country with a wave of diseases and cruelty and either exterminated or rounded up Native Americans. Or when white men waged was against Mexico to win the entire west coast from them. Or when waves of immigrants arrived from Europe during the Industrial Revolution, leading to the rise of this nation as the world’s singular superpower. Yes, the white establishment is over.

Minorities don’t want handouts. They–we–want equality of opportunity. You know…the thing we’re promised upon arriving in this country? We don’t have that. You may not realize it, and that’s fine. But most of America does. That’s why America, real America, voted for a president that plans to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to be competitive in the free market.

The mainstream media, statistics show, was actually about equally critical of the Obama campaign as it was of the Romney campaign. This, of course, with the exception of mainstream media outlet Fox News, which nepotistically favored Romney.

No, Republicans. This election? Your loss? It was your fault. You need to change, or your party will die. Your moderates will be forced to break apart from the GOP in order to create a new conservative party that espouses the beliefs in small government, self-reliance, and personal accountability…without the insane delusions of the current conservative paradigm.

As many conservatives have said, there is a civil war coming. It’s going to be Republican versus Republican. Right-of-center versus far right.

I’m rooting for the sane guys.

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